Employers are increasing support for mental health

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American Psychological Association on 1/1/2021 by Charlotte Huff

Two-thirds of employees report that poor mental health has undercut their job performance during the COVID-19 pandemic, and 40% of employees are battling burnout, according to a survey by mental health benefits provider Lyra Health and the National Alliance of Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions.

Employees may be working relentlessly amid economic uncertainty with few social outlets, and possibly juggling childcare to boot, eviscerating any separation between work and the rest of their life, says clinical psychologist Renee Schneider, PhD, vice president of clinical quality for Lyra Health.

Meanwhile, working from home can make it difficult for supervisors to detect emerging mental health strain, Schneider says. “When we were in the office, we would see each other every day, and we don’t have that same type of interaction now,” she says. “So sometimes employees can go for a while before the manager learns that there’s something going on.”