Electronic Tracking and Monitoring via Biometric Verification Method (BİOSİS)

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The Confederation of European Probation

BİOSİS- Electronic Tracking and Monitoring via Biometric Verification Method Project is carried out with the aim of more effective enforcement of probation measures and monitoring the probationers in this field in a cheap, more contemporary, fair and respectful for human dignity principle.
Innovative system

BİOSİS is an innovative system that will contribute to the spread of alternative solutions in the execution of penalties. In the current system, probationers are monitored by 4 types of electronic monitoring methods; prohibition to go to designated places, not leaving the home for certain periods, alcohol use monitoring and victim protection. Present monitoring methods require more human resources and expensive equipment therefore BİOSİS has more advantages in this respect.
Face or voice verification

This innovative system will enable the effective monitoring of all probationers with the help of face and/or voice verification method and phone location information (GPS) without the need of any equipment other than a mobile phone. Both a web-based software that could be used from a computer and a mobile application have been developed for the staff responsible for supervision and monitoring. In addition, a mobile electronic monitoring application has been developed for the probationers.The necessary legislative amendment regarding this system has been made. With this amendment a probationer could prefer to be monitored by present types of electronic monitoring or as an alternative she/he could prefer to be monitored by BİOSİS. It’s based on the consent of the probationer. If the probationer accepts to be monitored by the new method, the application could be installed into her/his mobile phone and then she/he could be monitored.