Benefits of Replacing Multiple Systems with One

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Indiana Court Times on 3/20/2021 by Lisa Thompson, Project Manager and Mary DePrez, Executive Director | Indiana Office of Court Technology

Deploying the Supervised Release System

One of the largest undertakings of the Indiana Supreme Court is to implement a single case management system for use in every court in the state. Odyssey is replacing more than 23 different court case management systems. These systems did not share uniform standards, used outdated technology, and did not allow the 92 counties to share information across county lines.

With the implementation of Odyssey nearly complete, there is now a single database, and judges can view cases from every other Odyssey court. Policymakers can obtain uniform data from the Odyssey courts. Additionally, the Supreme Court offers free access to public cases in Odyssey through

With the success of the system apparent, one county determined a need to replicate uniform standards for a suitable case management system for the adult probation department, drug court program, and community corrections. After reviewing multiple third-party options, Marion County representatives and Court Technology concluded that none of the existing systems fully met the needs of these agencies. None of the existing products were tailored to community supervision best-practices emphasized by the State of Indiana. A decision was made for Court Technology to develop a new, custom-built, community supervision case management system that could be used in every county.