Now that we are in the 2023 Membership Year, I wanted to highlight a small change in our payment process.

The 3 ways are still basically the same, but our credit card processing will now be through the Conference App, Whova.

  1. Mail a check to
    P.O. Box 44148
    Indianapolis, IN 46244
  2. If your department uses AFT we can fill out your paperwork
  3. You can pay online with any credit card (user will take responsibility for fees) through our conference app, Whova.

    One critical thing you must do to use the credit card function on Whova for Membership Only is on the second page, to uncheck the “Yes, I want to view the list of attendees and their profiles, and also be visible to them”. If you leave this checked, you will be registered for the conference, and that is not what we want you to do right now. If you do want to register and attend the conference I have a different link for you, just email me and I’ll get you set in the right direction.

Most of the Department Invoices are out, and the rest are going this week (January 2-6) so if your department pays for your membership it is probably in process.

Individual Membership invoices will be ready to go out later this month and will include all this information.

Membership can be paid with conference attendance so remember to save the dates:

POPAI Management Institute

New Chief Probation Officer Orientation Wednesday March 29, 2023

Management Institute 2 days of learning: March 30th – 31st 2023

POPAI Annual Fall Training September 20-22 2023