What Is Double Cup and Why Is It Still So Popular After All These Years?

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Tall Cop Says Stop by Jermaine Galloway

A true, double cup reference is the stacking of two Styrofoam cups that contain Promethazine with Codeine then mixed with soda (commonly Sprite) and a jolly rancher.  The double cup is what is holding the product. The Promethazine with Codeine portion of the drink has many slang terms: drank, lean, purple stuff, sizzurp, and dirty sprite.

Promethethazine is an antihistamine that is commonly prescribed by doctors for allergies, sleep disorders, skin itching etc.  Codeine is an opioid pain killer that is prescribed for pain, possibly caused from a surgical procedure, or even a cough.

The double cup reference originated from the music industry in the southwestern portion of the US.  Many rappers, including Texas, have been highlighted as promoting this drug trend.  The double cup reference is now a worldwide drug association, that we see elementary school students to adults.

Many individuals will mix the promethazine with codeine with popular sodas and juices…many times skipping the candy.  Furthermore, popular culture items such as t-shirts, stickers, items in schools and cars (air fresheners) have been identified with double cup references.  As you can see from the attached photos (taken in various states) double cup references are everywhere.

Furthermore, we are seeing other drugs using the double cup (lean or sizzurp) reference to market their drug.  Many times, these other drugs have no association with promethazine with codeine.  From cannabis, to vapes, to over-the-counter products you will see these references in everyday stores.  It is always a good idea to pay extra attention when one drug is being used to market another.

“You Can’t Stop What You Don’t Know”