The Vaccine and Its Impact on Court Operations

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Indiana Court Times on 06/28/2021 by Heather Falks

We finally made it to 2021…and COVID-19 is still here. We all hoped it would feel more familiar—but not in the sense that we are getting used to stockpiling sanitizer and masks. Unfortunately, the concerns of 2020 have not fully dissipated, but the widespread availability of a vaccine gives us hope that our old normal is on the horizon, and many are eager to receive the shot. Although, the vaccine does not immediately eliminate the threat of the virus; it provides a glimpse into what is to come. We must remain diligent in protecting ourselves and our coworkers from COVID-19.

The vaccine has received emergency-use-only authorization. Emergency authorization requires that anyone receiving the vaccine acknowledges they are doing so voluntarily. Vaccines with this kind of authorization cannot be mandated by employers, which includes courts.