The hidden plague

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The Herald Bulletiin on 5/2/2021 by Elena Stidham

The only things in the world that are evil without bias are the things that plague – and the worst part about the plague of depression is that it’s entirely invisible.

In Indiana alone, 36.6 percent of adults reported symptoms of a depressive disorder in October 2020 – nearly one out of every three adults, but out of those adults, only 22.4 percent seek help for it.

Depression within the state has become such a problem that the Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) labelled Indiana as one of the worst states for mental health care within the country, ranking 45th out of 51 (all 50 states and the District of Columbia). From just three years ago, Indiana fell 26 places, due to a lack of access to mental health care as well as a stigma surrounding mental health.