Recycle Force providing opportunity to high-risk offenders in central Indiana

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CBS 4 Indy on 09/20/2018 by Russ McQuaid

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Recycle Force President Gregg Keesling knows all about tearing down television sets and electronics for recycling. He’s learning more about gunshot wounds and insurance for his employees.

“It is fairly common for people in our program to be shot and return back to work. We’ve had people return the next day,” said Keesling. “I’ve learned what a through-and-through is. A guy was shot in the calf and the bullet went through and through and he came back to work the next day. It is fairly common for people to be shot in the shoulder and the arm and take a few days off and come back.”

Keesling has been schooled about gun and knife wounds and probation violations and recidivism on his factory floor as Recycle Force specializes in hiring high-risk offenders at $9 an hour in an attempt to keep those under court order out of trouble and with enough money in their pockets to pay their fees and make a living while they’re making a new life.