Recovering Addicts Using Crossfit to Exercise Their Demons

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Philly Voice on October 12, 2016 by NATALIE HOPE MCDONALD

When he got arrested for a DUI almost 10 years ago, Scott Klaverkamp was living in Boulder, Colorado, and self-medicating what he would soon learn was a debilitating form of depression.

His was an exhaustive cycle of stale-beer barrooms, late nights and harried hangovers that came to a crashing end with flashing red lights by the side of the road. It was not his finest hour.

Call it rock bottom, the proverbial wake-up call, but this low point would actually accomplish two things in Klaverkamp’s life: He would finally be diagnosed with PTSD after serving as a navy corpsman for four years active duty and he would be introduced to Phoenix Multisport, a free fitness program for addicts like him.