Pregnancy Promise (Statewide program improving outcomes for opioid exposed pregnancies) Annual Report

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FSSA on 1/9/2023 by Carey Michels, Pregnancy Promise Program Specialist

The Indiana Pregnancy Promise Program is a statewide program aimed to improve outcomes for pregnant, Medicaid beneficiaries with current or past opioid use. This is a free, voluntary, statewide program made possible through a 5-year federal grant awarded by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services. The Pregnancy Promise Program (PROMISE = Promoting Recovery from Opioid Use, Maternal Infant Support and Engagement) offers enhanced case management and care coordination to participants with support from highly skilled nurse/social work case managers within the Medicaid health plans. The Pregnancy Promise Program case managers provide support beginning in the prenatal period, extending through 12 months postpartum for both the parent and the infant impacted by opioid use disorder. The Pregnancy Promise Program aims to connect individuals with prenatal & postpartum care, OUD treatment and recovery services, mental health supports, childcare services and address the health-related social needs of the family.

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