Pandemic Preparedness and Response among Community Supervision Agencies: The Importance of Partnerships for Future Planning

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Abt Associates via APPA Website on 7/10/2020 by Abt Associates Holly Swan, PhD, Walter Campbell, PhD

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the United States (U.S.) justice system—from policing to reentry— has been profound (Chapman, Irazola, and Swan, 2020). Appropriately, much of the focus in media and scholarly outlets has been on the impact of the pandemic on prisons and incarcerated populations (Akiyama, et al., 2020; Busanksy, 2020; Burki, 2020;
Kinner, et al., 2020; Leibrenz, et al., 2020; Nadel and Campbell, 2020; Yang & Thompson, 2020).

However, the pandemic also has had direct impact on community supervision agencies and populations. Any changes at other points along the justice continuum also will have direct or indirect impacts on community supervision. In this white paper, we discuss those impacts, how agencies have responded, factors that have influenced agency responses, and suggestions for how researchers, professional associations, agencies, and funders can work together to answer critical questions for future planning and response.

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