Open Conversations: Racism and Racial Injustice

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Indiana Court Times on 3/22/2021 by David Kuhnz, Staff Attorney | Office of Communication, Education & Outreach

With a national spotlight on the importance of equity and inclusion, the legal community is among those entities taking a hard look at its own practices. The Indiana State Bar Association has been moved to effectuate change, inspire action, and take decisive steps to communicate and listen to the experiences of others.

One such call to action led to the creation of Open Conversations, a groundbreaking, year-long series of candid dialogue and introspection about race and culture in the legal landscape. This partnership between the Indiana State Bar Association, Indiana Supreme Court, and many of the state’s diverse legal institutions and associations is the first of its kind. Justice Steven David and Marion County Public Defender Agency attorney Angka Hinshaw have joined forces to lead the conversations as cohosts. With different perspectives, they embark on a journey to engage in frank and honest dialogue, and ultimately work toward expanding the legal community.