Open Conversations: Education Program about Racism and Racial Injustice Receives National Recognition

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Indiana Court Times on 11/5/2021 by David Kuhnz, Staff Attorney

In July 2021, the Association for Continuing Legal Education presented its Award of Outstanding Achievement to the Indiana State Bar Association for Open Conversations: Racism and Racial Injustice, an ISBA program of dialogue and introspection about race and culture in the legal landscape. The program has heightened awareness within the legal community of racism and racial injustices, and has provided audiences with broader perspective and inspiration to stand for positive sustainable change.

The ISBA program launched in January 2021. Each month, Justice Steven David and attorney Angka Hinshaw (Marion County Public Defender Agency) have led frank discussions with featured panelists who shared their lived experiences and challenges with racism. The first discussion featured ISBA President Michael E. Tolbert and Chief Justice Loretta Rush, who discussed why she was moved to release a “Statement on Race and Equity” in June 2020.