Michigan Poison Center issues warning about ‘purple heroin’

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School of Medicine News on 10/14/2020

The Michigan Poison Center at the Wayne State University School of Medicine wants the public to be aware of recent reports involving “purple heroin” identified in Michigan.

“Purple heroin” has been linked to several overdose cases in the Upper Peninsula and one overdose-related death in Van Buren County. Samples sent to the Michigan State Police Laboratory for testing have identified several components of this product, including fentanyl, niacinamide, acetaminophen, flualprazolam, buspirone and brorphine. Brorphine is s a new non-fentanyl synthetic opioid identified in “purple heroin” and has been implicated in the death in Van Buren County.

At this time, it is not known if “purple heroin” is colored before or after arrival in Michigan. The significance of the color is unknown.

The risks of using opioids and synthetic opioids such as brorphine is known and of deep concern to Poison Centers and other health care professionals.