Membership 2021: New way to pay for groups online

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on 12/18/2020 by Karen Oeding, POPAI Membership Coordinator

I’ve created a new page for paying group renewals: You can add a membership type, enter the names of your members of that type, then add it on to a cart-type page where you can change the numbers. Does your staff include both Officers and Associates? No problem: just add one then use the “continue shopping” link to add the other.

Too fussy? No problem! Email me with your staff list for a custom PayPal interface. I am more than happy to streamline your membership payment.

While we’re still more than delighted and capable of receiving checks at our P.O. Box 44148 Indianapolis, IN 46244 we recognize it’s faster and easier for some to use a credit card.

Department invoices are still available and we welcome individuals to start processing their 2021 membership here. It’s also a great time for Corporate Members to renew here.

Thank you for your commitment to POPAI’s mission by keeping your membership up to date.