Indiana’s new eviction expungement law a relief to Indiana renters

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Herald Times on 1/3/2023 by Indiana Housing & Community Development Authority (IHCDA)

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The Indiana General Assembly recently passed a new law that allows renters who have been previously evicted to apply to have it removed from their record, a process better known as expungement. A renter can file a petition through their local court system to have an eviction removed from their record for cases where the eviction order was dismissed, the court ruled in favor of the renter or the renter worked to rectify the situation.

There is also no time limit for eviction expungement – any prior eviction on an individual’s record can potentially be expunged. Evictions that cannot be removed under this new law include eviction orders due to disorderly conduct or illegal activity.

For the past several years, Indiana has faced a housing and eviction crisis. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the eviction moratorium helped alleviate the problem. But since the moratorium ended, evictions are on the rise again. This new eviction expungement law can help continue to alleviate the housing and eviction crisis in Indiana. Prior to the law passing, renters with evictions on their records faced difficulties when searching for housing. Past evictions can show up on background checks performed by landlords, causing challenges for potential renters.