GPS Monitoring in Marion County: investigating reoffenses and who is put on pre-trial release

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Fox 59 on 8/6/2021 by Courtney Crown

INDIANAPOLIS — We continue our deep dive into pre-trial release and GPS monitoring in Marion County after at least two people were murdered in July, allegedly by people wearing monitors and out on bond.

There are roughly 3,400 people on GPS monitoring and home detention, which includes GPS monitoring, in Marion County between pre-trial release and post-conviction sentences. This does not include people who only use alcohol monitoring devices.

Chief probation officer Christine Kerl of the Marion Superior Court Probation department said those awaiting trial can go anywhere, except any place restricted by a judge or judicial officer.

“Otherwise, they’re able to move around the city, community, county, whatever restrictions the court may impose, at their own will as long as they do stay away from those areas, which are restricted,” Kerl explained.