‘Crime Survivors’ back protections for murder victim family, reforms for probation violations

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Florida Politics on 1/9/2022 by Jacob Ogles

Florida doesn’t provide for murder victims to take time off work. That could change soon.

Few advocates elicit the sympathy of lawmakers like the victims of serious crimes.

So, expect lawmakers to take notice as Crime Survivors for Safety and Justice outline three policy priorities for the 2022 Session.

The organization this year wants to see workforce protections passed for family members of those killed in homicides. But the group also wants to see reductions in recidivism and will pursue both probation reforms and a reduction in obstacles to those convicted of crime returning to employment.

“Very often, public safety policies fail to incorporate the voices and needs of crime victims, whose top priority is to ensure that what happened to them never happens to anybody else,” said Aswad Thomas, Chief of Organizing at Alliance for Safety and Justice, and national director of Crime Survivors for Safety and Justice.