Executive Board Meeting

February 22, 2006

Call to Order:

Eric opened the meeting at 12 p.m.


Name Position Present Absent
Eric Zimmerman President x
Don Travis Vice President x
Jennifer Outlaw Secretary x
Madonna Wagoner Treasurer x
Lori White Membership x
Steve Meyer District 1 x
Danyel Wagner District 2 x
Barb Burton District 3 x
Katherine Holtzleiter District 4 x
Christine Kerl District 5 x
TBD District 6 x
Linda Brady District 7 x
CherieWood District 8 x
Diana Bradley Prob. Adv. Board x
Susan Rice Trg./Conf. Planner x

Secretary’s Report:

Jennifer provided copies of the January minutes. Steve moved to accept the January minutes. Madonna seconded, all were in favor. Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report:

Madonna provided copies of the Treasurer's Report. The report reflects a balance of $4,698.07 in checking and $16,603.33 in savings. Total assets at this time are $23,267.32. Don moved to accept the Treasurer's Report. Katherine seconded, all were in favor. Motion carried.


Don reports that he has received a couple of emails regarding new members not receiving acknowledgement of their membership. Lori is not at the meeting, so Don states he will follow up with her before the next meeting.


Susan provides a financial report for the 2005 Fall Conference. The report reflects there were 251 POPAI members and 18 corporate members in attendance. Total income was $41,250.00 and total expenses were $39,780.03. Susan notes that several counties have not yet paid. Discussion followed regarding how to be sure the money is collected and regarding where the 2006 Fall Conference should be held. Katherine moves to have the 2006 FAll Conference in Downtown Indianapolis. Don seconded, all were in favor. Motion carried. Susan stated that she will begin checking with hotels and will try to get September 2006 dates.

Awards and Recognition:

POPAI is currently accepting applications for the DONALD “CHARLEY” KNEPPLE MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP. The completed applications are due April 7, 2004. Visit us online at for more information!

Corporate Membership:

No report.


POPAI is continuing to track Bills of interest. It was noted that POPAI has had a lot of presence at the State House.


No report.


Don and Linda met prior to today's meeting. Don reports that the survey will be taken down briefly, but will be posted again in the near future. Don announces that there will be a Technology Committee meeting prior to the next POPAI meeting (10 a.m.)

Chief’s Executive Committee:
No report.

Old Business:

No report.

New Business:

Linda brings up the email received from Brian Barton of Community Corrections. The correspondence that was sent to Community Corrections Directors by the President of IACCAC, Brian Barton, was brought up for discussion. This correspondence gave the impression that probation and community corrections are, or will be, in competition against one another. In the judgment of the Executive Board of POPAI, probation departments, community corrections programs and parole in Indiana have a rich history of cooperation and function best when working together in the best interests of the community in which they serve. It is disappointing that the leadership of IACCAC is attempting to undermine that cooperative spirit out of concern for growing the industry.

Katherine moved to close the meeting. Cherie seconded, all were in favor. Motion carried.

There will be no March 2006 meeting. The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, April 12, 2006, @ 11 a.m. the Marion Superior Court Probation Department South Office, located at 3920 Madison Avenue, Indianapolis, Indiana.